Humble Beginnings

Raised in East Oakland, CA H-Infinity developed his curiosity for music creation at the age of 15. He began with beat making on a free version of FL Studio and later on started to write down his own lyrics following in the footsteps of his older brother Francis and cousin Recka. This was a defining moment in his life, it was then he knew music was his passion. While H-Infinity continued to explore his talents his cousin Recka noticed his dedication and decided to push him even further by introducing him to his first studio recording session with 880styleinc. This was a milestone in his beginnings as an artiest because it was there H-Infinity began to hone in on his recording, songwriting, and performing skills for those next couple of years. Due to being so young at the time, with the help of his label mates he was able to perform all over the west coast even opening up for acts such as Pusha T, John West, The Jacka, Mac Mall, San Quinn, and Nef The Pharaoh. In 2016 after years of trials & tribulations with failed music releases H-Infinity decided to leave his then label due to creative differences and started his own wave, Walking Classic. Leaving everything behind he essentially started from scratch by buying everything he needed to create without restrictions and dedicated himself to put out the best music possible as you hear from him today.